Gary Murray, our resident Comedy Guys entertainer and film buff, has published his latest review for THE MUPPETS at Big Fan

At Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we love the Muppets. And not just because Kermit is the color of our logo.

“The first Muppet movie is arguably one of the best films ever made. With the opening of ‘The Rainbow Connection,’ the movie charms as it delivers joke upon joke, many that have become much-quoted classics. It still holds up as both a testament to how a ‘family film’ can be entertaining and how, with determination, inanimate objects can project major emotions.

“The sequels didn’t hold up as well until the premise seemed to be pushed into the ground. In a world where everything old is new again, the Muppets are back with a new film appropriately titled The Muppets.

“The story starts in Small-town USA with Walter and Gary (Jason Segel), a pair of brothers who are as different as two brothers can possibly be. While one is a human, the other is no so much a person as a puppet. Gary also has a girlfriend of ten years named Mary (Amy Adams). The two are planning…” Read the rest of the review here.

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