Bum bum bum bada dum bum…

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HA! I love a good pun.

And yes, there is such a thing as a good puns, no matter what some Supreme Court justice has to say about it.

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It’s very true, though, that not all forms of comedy appeal to everyone equally.

What is hilarious to one person is boring to someone else. A joke that makes one person laugh might make the person next to them embarrassed. Or vaguely repulsed.


Comedy is
as individual
as people. 

Our defensive driving instructors know a lot about this particular topic.

Collectively, they have years of experience in comedy: from open-mic nights to paid gigs, from being travelling professional comedians themselves to writing jokes for others, from doing stand-up during the comedy club boom of the 80s to doing stand-up now in the age of YouTube, there’s little about comedy that our instructors haven’t experienced first hand.

By hiring comedians to teach our live classes and write our online course, ComedyGuys.com is able to mix laughter with the very serious subject of driving safety.

We cover all the state-required material for dismissing a ticket and getting an auto insurance discount.

But by adding comedy, we’re able to cover that material without boring people into a coma.


Defensive Driving with Comedy,
Live or Online

Admittedly, the jokes in our online course are rather tame and tepid. That’s something of a necessity when you’re dealing with customers that you never actually meet in person, so you can’t get a sense of what will be funny and what will be offensive.

In our live defensive driving classes, however, the instructor and the students are in the same room. There’s more freedom for our comedian/instructors to gauge the “audience” and alter the material to match.

However you take a Comedy Guys Defensive Driving class, you can know that we’ll deliver on our promise: get your ticket dismissed and have a few laughs at the same time.



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