defensive driving classes arlington tx comedian gene mcguireGene McGuire, who teaches our Thursday morning defensive driving classes in Arlington, has been collecting an impressive number of positive reviews on our Facebook page.

Nick C. recently said,
“I’m normally not one to leave a review on anything but I was very impressed with the class I recently attended in Arlington. Gene was great and very personable, making what’s usually a painful experience a much more bearable one. The class was very simple and straightforward, and I’d prefer to go to a class like this versus doing it online if (when) I were to need defensive driving again. Coffee was ready upon arrival, had a good lunch and 6 hours flew right on by – and having my certificate overnight delivered was simple and cheap too since I put off the class for so long. Overall great experience and Gene was awesome, thanks guys!”


Last week, Tyson M. told our Facebook page
“I was at Gene McGuire’s class on Thursday and I absolutely loved it! I will never take an online class again!!! Incredible and fun! A ton of interaction!”

Thanks for that, Tyson. We love compliments to our live defensive driving classes, but I should point out that we’re pretty proud of our online course, too.


Latisha D. said,
“Thursday’s class is where you need to be. I enjoyed myself and met new friends. The main thing is I learned a lot today. Gene McGuire is the best.”


There are more great reviews for Gene’s classes we could share, but we don’t wanting him getting a swollen head.

Well, not MORE swollen, anyway.

And I should point out that Gene doesn’t teach all of our classes in Arlington, Texas. Our Saturday morning classes there are taught by Billy McFarland, who usually heads from the class to whatever comedy club he’s appearing in that night.

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