If you’re one of those people who decorate everything you own for a holiday, you can’t forget to turn your car into a Halloween mobile.

decorating cars for halloweenAnd if you need some ideas for
inspiration, check out the World
Auto News
collection of 20
Halloween costumes for cars

Or Grayline‘s 9 Creepy
Halloween Cars

And over at Webshots, a member
called hpangel2 has amassed
a nice collection of photos
from a Halloween Car Show

in Virginia. Those are sure to give
you some ideas of your own.

For just practical advice on
designing and making your
own automotive Halloween
, check out Halloween
‘s Decorating Your Car of Halloween. It has a lot of tips, like dealing with wind resistance and explaining why to avoid any kind of flashing lights.

Whether you decorate the car or not, please drive carefully this weekend while you’re out having fun. And try not to lose candy corn into that crack in the upholstery, because when you find it months later it will be all sticky and fuzzy.

And all that carpet fuzz really messes up the flavor.


  1. Suzi on 10/27/2010 at 10:39 pm

    Love the car decoration idea! For those of us without yards it gives us a creative outlet for the holiday!

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