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Because Halloween poses some interesting conditions for drivers, we offer these Halloween driving safety tips.

For a few hours, residential streets become the territory of shortish superheroes and micro monsters, running from house to house to get “the good stuff.” It’s like the streets belong to them and cars become the intruders.

Just be patient, accept the situation, and adjust your driving to keep every tiny Dracula, Wonder Woman, and Princess safe.

halloween driving tipsThese are just kids after all. They’re not the most serious, responsible pedestrians at the best of times, and on Halloween they’ll be distracted with thoughts of massive amounts of sugar.

And they’ll be in danger whether they realize it or not: young pedestrians are four times more likely to be involved in a car-related incident on Halloween than on any other night of the year

On Halloween, these kids will be moving around in costumes. That could mean dark clothing, making them harder to see, and it could mean a mask, making it harder for them to see you.

And these Halloween celebrants will be flying haphazardly around the neighborhood, trying to hit every house with a porch light on and circling back to the house that’s giving out the full-size candy bars. Trick-or-treaters won’t be thinking about traffic safety. They’ll be crossing the streets randomly and darting out from between parked cars. There’s a reason why statistics show that most children involved in a crash with a car were NOT in an intersection when it happened.

Because these kids will be less careful than usual, you need to be more safety conscious.

Don’t drive on Halloween if you can avoid it, but if you can’t, here are some Halloween driving safety tips to keep in mind.



Expect there to be way more pedestrians on the streets tonight, and many of them will be the very sugar-filled chaos demons we’ve been discussing. Keep your attention especially sharp.

pay attention to your driving eliminate distractions Cut distractions. Don’t use your phone, change your music, or dip into the bag of Milky Ways you actually bought to give away but somehow “accidentally” left on the front seat of your car. And as for the music, just leave it off for the evening and use your ears also to alert you to pedestrian traffic. As a rule, kids collecting Halloween candy are not quiet.
keep looking around to spot pedestrians Keep your eyes moving around and make use of your peripheral vision. Focus on the roadway in front of your car and on people approaching your bath from either side.


Of course, in Texas, that’s always the rule, but on Halloween you can expect there to be many more pedestrians than usual. The trick-or-treater traffic gets heaviest between 5pm and 9pm, but be alert to those who start earlier or keep it up later because they just don’t want to go home.



drive at a slower speed so you have more time to spot danger Driving at a slower speed will give you more time to see a potential danger.
driving slower will give you more time to react and your brakes more time to stop your car Slowing down will also make your brakes stop your car much more quickly if an undersized Batman suddenly runs out in front of you..
reduced speed also reduces damage And, though it’s unpleasant to think about, if your car does bump some child, any damage down will be much, much less if the car was moving slowly when it happens.


halloween safe driving tips

Again, we suggest that you stay off of the streets tonight if you can. Every car that stays in the driveway is just one fewer than can endanger some costume-clad kid.

But with these simple Halloween driving safety tips and some care on your part, you can make sure everyone comes home from trick-or-treating safely.

You’re on your own dealing with any stomach aches that follow.


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