Arsenio Hall

“My name is Arsenio. That is a very unique name for a black man. It Greek, it means LeRoy,” quipped Arsenio Hall.  This actor/comedian/talk-show host has been knocking around Hollywood for decades.   He appeared in one of Eddie Murphy’s best flicks, Coming to America.

Tina Fey birthday comedy guys defensive driving blogAfter that he was in Harlem Nights, one of Eddie Murphy’s worst flicks.   Eddie has gone on to prove he could make even worst films such as Pluto Nash and Norbit.

For six years, his syndicated talk show was the go-to program for a large segment of Hollywood.  The Arsenio Hall Show gave both Jay Leno and David Letterman a run for their money before flaming out.

Speaking of flaming out, Arsenio beat Clay Aiken on season 5 of Celebrity Apprentice.  Beating Clay Aiken is something we all dream of doing. The $250,000 he won went to the Magic Johnson Foundation.

He once said, “You go out with a girl you used to day, she looks so damn good, and then at a certain point you say, ‘Boy, now I remember.  I know why I left!'”  So on Arsenio’s birthday, don’t sing him a song, just give him a big “Woof! woof! woof!”