Happy Birthday today to Eric Idle, born in 1943 and one-sixth of the internationally famous Monty Python’s Flying Circus which has either been making people laugh or shake their heads in confusion since 1969.

(Just for the record, the ones laughing are the smarter ones.)

But his career didn’t start and stop with a five-year run on a BBC television program. He is also created and wrote the series Rutland Weekend Television,  which gave rise to The Rutles, a Beatles parody band Idle created twith Neil Innes. Then came their movie, The Rutles: All You Need is Cash, which is a huge favorite of our own Terry Yates.

In the years since The Rutles, Eric Idle has also appeared in several films and stage shows, and published at least two novels. But he’s best when you can see him in action. This clip is a compilation of some of his work from Monty Python.

Nudge, nudge, say no more.

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