Nick Frost is an actor/comedian who gained cult status by being in the zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead.  The film also starred Simon Pegg as two survivors of a zombie plague that has taken over London.  They have a goal to save their families by going to the only sturdy structure they can think of, a local pub.  They defeat zombies by throwing record LPs at the head.

Nick Frost birthday comedy guys defensive driving blogThis success was followed up with Hot Fuzz, a British take on those old-style action flicks such as Bad Boys II.  By the end of the film, Nick and Simon are armed to the teeth, taking on the bad guys.

In 2011,  they took on science fiction with Paul, a film about a foul-mouthed alien.  The work poked fun at the films of Steven Spielberg as well as the fan-boy world of Comic-Con. Though not well-recieved by critics, the film eventually generated almost $100 million at the box office.

Nick broke away from Simon in the film Attack the Block.  The film is of an alien invasion at a series of low-income flats.  Nick plays a drug dealer who befriends the kids who defend their territory.

He has also been lending his voice for The Adventures of Tintin and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

He is a much sought after television actor in England.   Wait.. there are British television shows other than Monty Python?!