Tina Fey

“I am constantly amazed by Tina Fey,  and I am Tina Fey,” said Tina Fey,  the first female head writer for SNL. She started her career working at The Second City in Chicago.  In 1995, she made the move to Studio 8H as a writer and then the anchor of Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon.  This lead to her writing the script for Mean Girls. She worked with Lindsey Lohan pre-trainwreck. Tina Fey birthday comedy guys defensive driving blogEventually, Tina hit prime time with 30 Rock, a workplace comedy about a late-night television show. She is perhaps best known for her impersonation of Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska. Some of the words Tina has uttered over the airwaves are:

  • “A Harvard Medical School study has determined that rectal thermometers are still the best way to tell a baby’s temperature.  Plus, it really teaches the baby who’s boss.”
  • “Being a mom has made me so tired.  And so happy.”
  • “An interim government was set up in Afghanistan.  It included two women, one of whom was Minister of Women’s Affairs.  Man, who’s she have to show her ankles to to get that job?”

Her next major role will be in Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Here’s a video collection of some of Fey’s best moments as Liz Lemon, her character from NBC’s 30 Rock.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/sMKrAR6YBDI” mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”The Best of Tina Fey as Liz Lemon” description=”Some of the best clips from Tina Fey as 20 Rock’s Liz Lemon” upload_date=”2008-08-15″ duration=”9M46S” /] [social-bio]