As a magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini had no equal.   Born Erik Weisz in Budapest, he began his career doing card tricks.  He was billed as “The King of Cards,” but had so little success that he could have been called “Three of Clubs.”

Later, he became fascinated with escapes and being bonded.  His act turned to handcuff escapes and he eventually became known as “The Handcuff King.”  That is a title now held by Lindsey Lohan.

Houdini toured the world escaping from all manners of shackles and locks and eventually a Siberian prison transport van. If he had shown others how this was done, he could have saved hundreds of Russian lives.

Serving as the President of the Society of American Magicians, he pushed the idea of a strong network of professional and amateur magicians.  Today, we know them as geeks.

Perhaps his greatest trick was the Milk Can Escape.  Houdini would be sealed in a giant milk can full of water and make his escape behind a curtain.  Billed with the tag line “Failure means a drowning death,” his feat of daring became associated with many other escape artists.  It was equaled but not surpassed.

Houdini once said, “No performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he as a good set of teeth.”  We here at agree with that.  Our teeth are definitely not red-hot iron worthy.  Heck, even hot cocoa burns our molars.

On his death, one of the pall bearers asked another “Do you think he’s actually in here?”  That is the best accolade an escape artist could ask for.


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