defensive driving customer comments, houston txHouston Defensive Driving instructor Albert Deleon recently finished a class and discovered that he had not customer comment cards. Being the inventive fellow he is, he whipped out a stack of 3×5 cards and used them instead.

And because they weren’t the usual forms, I noticed them more when they got to our Comedy Guys office in Dallas.

Below you can read what Albert’s defensive driving students had to say about him and his class.

Raymond C. said, “This class was very entertaining and kept my attention. Albert was a great instructor and very knowledgeable.”

Ethan J. said, “The class was good. The six hours went by fast, and I learned something.”

Nicola M. said Albert’s class was “definitely educational and entertaining,” and Ashley B. complimented him on having “a lot of interesting / entertaining stories.”

But personally I think I like Autumn M.‘s comment best. “I enjoyed the class. It’s very thorough and gave me a better understanding of the DOs and DON’Ts of driving.” And at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, that’s exactly the kind of class we want to have: classes that are enjoyable but are still thorough and give our students the information to make themselves safer drivers.

As some of you know already, Houston is new territory for Comedy Guys. So far we have just a few classes every week in four locations. But as the Comedy Guys Defensive Driving class schedule in Houston grows, we promise to have more and more classes that are just as enjoyable and thorough as the ones Albert Deleon has been teaching for us.

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