The self-proclaimed ‘voice of honesty’, Shock Jock Howard Stern has been making waves and irritating the FCC for years.  This radio maniac has been giving both program directors and audience members details about his personal life and penis size just to get laughs from Robin Quivers his co-host.

He has written a couple of books about his life, Private Parts and Miss America.   They became some of the fastest selling works in publishing history.

In 1997, he turned Private Parts into a major motion picture (Private Parts movie sounds like something at the back of the video store).

After all the lengthy battles with the FCC, Howard signed off on terrestrial radio and began broadcasting on Sirius Satellite Radio.  He has truly not been heard from again.

To revamp his career, he signed on to be a judge on the television show America’s Got Talent, a program that proves Americans will watch any crap put on the boob tube.

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  1. Gene McGuire on 01/14/2013 at 12:36 pm

    Don’t care for Sterns radio show. I do admire his guts and conviction to his talent. He wasn’t a bad actor either. Stern at his best is when he appears on David Letterman.

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