What if motorcyclists were as oblivious to others are many drivers are to them?

What makes driving so dangerous for motorcyclists — aside from the riders who confuse showing off with riding responsibly — is that their smaller size makes them harder to see. Which is why its so important for drivers in “four-wheelers” to be more careful about looking for them.

When your looking around, let your gaze linger a bit longer in each direction, long enough to see the motorcycle’s movement even if the cycle itself got lost in the background.

And expect to see motorcycles every where you look. This will re-train your brain to actually look for them, instead of noticing only pedestrians and other cars. If you’re expecting a motorcycle all the time, they can never take you by surprise.

Finally, make things quieter inside your car. One reason for making motorcycles louder than necessary is for safety: since they’re harder to see, they should be easier to hear. Your ears can often help you detect them better than your eyes can, but not if your phone, music, or conversation makes it impossible to hear anything else.

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