Sit down. Eat. Laugh. Take a short test, and slash 10 percent from your monthly auto liability insurance premium.

Life sometimes really can get this easy.

Many insurance companies will, in fact, discount your liability auto insurance premiums if you successfully complete a driving safety course like ours (often somewhere around 10%).

At Comedy Guys, we’re state-approved in Texas to do just this.

Here are some basic guidelines (check with your insurance agent for more specifics):

  • We can help you maximize the silver lining of a traffic ticket. It’s easy — we’ll mail you two copies of your Certificate of Completion — one for the court and one for your insurance company — so even if you only intended to take our course for ticket dismissal purposes, you can still get an insurance discount with most companies, offsetting the cost of the course and court fees over the long run.
  • Don’t worry — taking our defensive driving course for an insurance discount WILL NOT disqualify you from taking it again later in the same year to dismiss a ticket (in some cases, you can even take it a third time for a second ticket if a judge grants you permission).
  • By state law, you must attend all six hours of our course in order to receive a certificate regardless of your reasons for taking the class.
  • For learning with comedy, defensive driving classes are available in both English and Spanish at several Texas location in Houston and the Dallas / Ft. Worth metro areas (including locations in Hurst, Plano, Oak Cliff, Arlington, Irving, Carrollton, Mesquite, White Settlement, Tyler, Farmers Branch, Richardson, DeSoto/Lancaster, McKinney, Conroe, and Denton). And our online defensive driving course can easily fit any schedule and location. Both are usually eligible for the insurance discount.

Contact us for more information.


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