Is a Texas Traffic Ticket a Criminal Offense?

If you get a speeding ticket in Texas, do you have a criminal record as a result?

Can a Texas traffic ticket cause a red flag to appear on a Background Check?


The Texas Code  of Criminal Procedure says, this  (If you click to read all that legal mumbo jumbo, it’ll probably be a week before you get back.)

A simpler explanation is provided by attorney Robert Eutsler, Houston, Texas,

“Texas considers most traffic tickets to be Class C misdemeanors and not civil infractions…. Because a speeding ticket is technically considered a criminal offense in Texas, anyone who has been convicted for speeding has to declare that they have a criminal record on employment or collegiate applications, unless the application makes exceptions for Class C charges.  Of course, the vast majority of businesses and universities don’t care about minor traffic offenses, but it can still put an applicant in a tricky spot, especially if the record is found later, after the applicant has claimed that they have no criminal record. Most traffic tickets in Texas are for Class C Misdemeanors, which are crimes punishable by a fine up to $500.”

Attorney Brian White, Houston Texas, says, “… Additionally, a Class C misdemeanor could show up on a criminal background check, which could affect decisions regarding employment. In some cases, a Class C Misdemeanor might be an indicator of dishonesty or disrespect for the law. Even if a person made an honest, youthful mistake, these records can follow him or her around if they are not expunged.

Lastly, a Class C misdemeanor charge could result in disqualification from receiving federal educational aid. These are all factors worth considering before entering any pleas…”

Sooooooo…  About that Texas Traffic Ticket Criminal Offense…


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