Jackie Chan has been making films since he was 5 years-old.  He is best known for combining action and comedy in such flicks as Drunken Master, Dragon Lord and Armour of God.

Jackie Chan birthday comedy guys defensive driving classesHe gained world-wide mainstream success in the series of Rush Hour films.  He has done what few in Hollywood have been brave enough to attempt, working with Chris Tucker. He is known for doing all his own stunts and breaking  many of his bones.  His productions have trouble getting funding due to his insistence on not having a stunt double.

A few little known facts about Jackie Chan:

  • Jackie Chan is not his real name but he found that it would be confusing to use his formal name of Jackie Kennedy.
  • He was the stunt double for the Gangnam Style video in the horse-riding gallop moves.
  • Prefers Backstreet Boys over N’Sync.
  • Thinks Godzilla is a weenie.
  • His film 1911 was not a prequel to the film 1941.

Jackie is a successful singer with his music featured in the end credits of his music.  This is to ensure a swift exit of patrons from the theaters.  The kids who have to clean-up the theaters while the Jackie Chan songs are playing are given extra pay for being subjected to this music.


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  1. robert coughlin on 04/16/2017 at 6:11 pm

    For years I ve love watching him and cant get enough. I do extra work and would love to meet him and work with him. I have 61 of his movies and would love to get them all.

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