Justin Bieber

“I want my world to be fun” said icon Justin Bieber who finally goes from teen heart-throb to adult heartthrob today.   This singer started as a You Tube sensation to being Ellen DeGeneres singing favorite to a multi-million selling artist.  He is the biggest pop star in the world, much to the regret of PSY.

Here are 5 little known facts about Justin Bieber that I just made up…

1. Justin Bieber is from Canada.  His name translates to Justice Beaver.  Justice Beaver is Canada’s greatest superhero.  He fights for tooth, jaundice and the Canadian way.

2. His signature ‘heart throb’ move of making a heart with his hands came from a feverish game of Win, Lose or Draw.

3. There is talk of him being in Hangover Part 4.  He will play the monkey.

4. Girlfriend Selena Gomez broke his heart.  There are 100.000 teen girls waiting to take her place.  In a decade, none will even admit to liking his music.

5. Justin has been getting himself tattooed.  His goal is to look like Lemmy from Motor-head.

He is quoted as saying “No one can stop me.”  We here at ComedyGuys.com have a few words to say about that–Leo Sayer, Shawn Cassidy, Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.  Look them up…..

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