We here at ComedyGuys.com hate Justin Timberlake for a number of reasons:

1.  He’s a successful superstar of stage and screen–something we want.

2. Justin gets to be on SNL all the time with some of the best skits of the last few years (and he keeps his privates in a box).

3.  He starred in In Time, so he got to hang out with doe-eyed Amanda Seyfried.

4.  Justin starred in Trouble with the Curve, so he was up-close and personal with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.  He got to throw a baseball and drive a cool car.

5.  He dated Brittany before she got old, fat, knocked-up, and crazy.


We here at ComedyGuys.com love Justin Timberlake for a number of reasons:

1.  He was in The Love Guru, Yogi Bear and Shrek the Third, so there is hope for us in getting into bad movies.

2.  His continued success makes sure we will NEVER see an ‘N Sync reunion.

3.  Justin proved once and for all that Janet Jackson was not just Michael Jackson in  disguise.

4.  He went to the Marine Corps Ball (and kept his privates in a box).

5.  He married Jessica Beil, so we have that monkey off our backs.