Kevin McDonald was a member of the sketch comedy troupe Kids in the Hall.  He and Dave Foley met at the Second City stage in Toronto where they began Kids in the Hall.  Kevin is quoted saying, “Actually I got picked because I was the only one who fit the wedding dress–they had my size.”  For six years, the group made a series of comic impressions on both CBS and HBO.

Kids in the Hall was much more like Monty Python than SNL, deriving comedy from characters and not making pop culture parodies.  While they never achieved the success of some of their predecessors, they did  develop a cult following around the world.  “So the laughs had to come from the character, not because we had balloons on our shirts or were speaking in high voices.  That was very important to us.”

Eventually, the troupe made a motion picture in 1996 entitled Brain Candy.  Of this, Kevin said, “We never thought the first movie would bomb.”   It flopped so hard that there has been no talk of the troupe getting back together for another movie.  They have re-united for a series of stage shows.  Of his career, Kevin has been honest.  He said “We always thought that we’d go on from the show to have a career in movies.”

Of the Kids in the Hall legacy, Kevin said “What I alway say it that we’re the illegitimate children of Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lewis.”

Here’s Kevin and Dave at work.


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