Perhaps the greatest body-double in the history of Hollywood, Lars Larrington has few equals.  This master thespian has been working for ages, doing different close-up roles that other actors didn’t want to do.

He started his career at a very early age in the silent era of cinema.  He was the hump for Lon Chaney in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This lead to a series of body-part roles in the Universal Series of Monster flicks.  He was the right neck bolt in Frankenstein, the hair in Bride of Frankenstein, and the left nostril in The Wolfman.

Perhaps his greatest feat was being both the right arm of Anthony Perkins and the left breast of Janet Leigh in Psycho.  Alfred Hitchcock said of Lars, “He has the most cinematic nipples of any actor in Hollywood.”  Janet Leigh commented on Lars by saying, “Better him than me.”  He was also Thing on The Addams Family.

The Hollywood Black List hurt Lars career.  He was not a communist; he just refused to to work in black-face.  By the time the late 1960s came around, Lars was at the bottom rung of show business.  No, he wasn’t in porn, but he was a rodeo clown and commercial nail model for True Value Hardware.

George Lucas single-handedly saved Lars career in the movie Star Wars.  Lars got to push the button that blew up the Death Star.  This has led to a career of signing memorabilia at science-fiction conventions ever since.  Look for him at the next sci-fi con but have your $20 ready.  He doesn’t do this for free!

We here at want to wish Lars a very happy April 1st birthday.  We are just a fool for his work…..


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  1. Gene McGuire on 04/04/2013 at 12:45 pm

    Ahh, great story and lesson in cinema history Gary. Great!!!

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