The Texas Department of Transportation doesn’t talk about “causes of collisions” anymore. Instead, they talk about – and keep track of – “contributing factors.” These are the various factors that contribute to building a collision.

comedy guys defensive driving focuses on the causes of auto collisionsSometimes, one factor alone is enough to cause a collision.

Many times, it’s the cumulative effect of multiple factors that cause a collision. If a sleepy driver in a car with bald tires on a rainy night veers into the wrong lane, slams on the brakes but still hits someone, that one crash raises the count on at least three separate contributing factors: driver fatigued or asleep, defective or slick tires, and failure to drive in a single lane.

Drivers are able to control many of these factors, so Comedy Guys Defensive Driving teaches our classes what factors are the most dangerous, so that our students can eliminate them if they are personal habits or can be better prepared for them if they’re not.

Over the next few weeks, check back to the Comedy Guys blog as we focus on the ten most common factors contributing to auto collisions. Think of it as a top 10 list of things that driver’s shouldn’t do.

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