reducing gas consumption, gas pricesConsumer Reports is keeping an eye on gas prices nationwide, and on April 23rd they had some good news for all of us who are on the road.

Well, mildly good news, anyway.

Though the price-per-gallon is still higher than it’s been in a few years, it does seem to be leveling off somewhat. Across the USA last week, gas prices actually decreased by $.01 per gallon.

Last Thursday, AAA Texas reported that the average price per gallon at Texas pumps declined 3 cents, to settle at $3.80.

The two most immediate ways you can lower your own gasoline cost are by paying less for the gasoline you put in your tank, and by making changes to the way you drive in order to use less gasoline to get from place to place.


by using the website Texas Gas Prices which monitors the current prices at stations across the state. Enter your ZIP code, and the site will tell you the lowest prices-per-gallon in your immediate area.

For more money-saving information, check out these other items from Consumer Reports:


by making some changes to driving habits that are causing you to burn more gas than is necessary.

It’s easy to  find some useful advice about this online from sources such the California Energy Commision. 

A site called Truth in Seven Minutes even offers an impressive list of 29 driving tips to save you gasoline and money.

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  1. Gene McGuire on 04/27/2012 at 3:58 pm

    I have a Kroger shoppers card. After spending $100 on gas, I have enough points to get a .10 a gallon discount on Kroger gas. Plus Krogers gas prices are usually less than most convenience stores. And if you have a smart phone, download the app GasBuddy for cheapest gas. Just enter a zip code and GasBuddy will show you where to save at the pump.

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