Advice on Buying a Used Car with an Extended Warranty
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The Car Gurus blog keeps giving us great advice about buying or selling cars.

For those of you looking to buy, the Car Gurus have two recent articles that can make the process easier.

On Feb. 22, they gave us Buying a Used Car? Wait for the Price to Drop, which shared the results of their survey into used car pricing. Basically, 53% of used cars listed for more than 30 days had their prices dropped at least once. CarGurus surveyed more than 2 million car listings and there’s more to the findings, so you should definitely check out the article.

Writer Travis Griffith gave us more buying advice a couple of weeks later with How to Buy an Out-of-State Used Car. With so much  business being done online, it’s easier than ever to get used car listings from far away, and you need to know more into order to avoid getting ripped off. This article will help.

It’s not just about buying used cars, though. There’d be no buying unless people were selling, and the Car Gurus have advice for those people, too.

On March 3rd, writer J Goods gave us Selling Your Car Directly to an Individual — Without Problems. I don’t quite get his seemingly superfluous use of the dash there, but his advice is — as always — useful. Two weeks later, J Goods returned with A List of “Don’ts” to Consider When Selling Your Car. This is a list of five common mistakes that car sellers frequently make, and the list is general enough to be of use to everyone looking to list a car.

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