Gary Murray has been reviewing movies and interviewing movie makers for years.Between reviews, he teaches defensive
driving classes for Comedy Guys at
our locations in Mesquite, Texas.

Yesterday was a busy day for our own driving safety instructor and resident movie reviewer Gary Murray: he had three new reviews posted at Selig Film News.

And he’s lucky that his other job as a reviewer gets him into all these movies for free, or we’d have to pay him more for his Mesquite defensive driving classes.



Mental illness has been used almost since the beginnings of cinema, from just about every genre from horror to comedy.  People with inner problems seem to become a reflection of coping in our modern society.  The latest to take on the idea is the Prozac romantic comedy Silver Linings Playbook.

The film starts with Pat (Bradley Cooper).  He is in a mental health facility after his wife has left him and his world collapsed.  Struggling to keep his mind together, he is given pill after pill which he detests.  He has made friends with another inmate Danny (Chris Tucker).  Danny believes that he is released when it is that he has… READ THE REST

Movie Review of LIFE OF PI

Of all the modern directors working today Ang Lee stands alone.  The man has created some of the most compelling and visual films to ever grace the silver screen.  His latest is one of the most fantastical adventure stories ever brought to modern audiences and it is entitled Life of Pi.

The story of Life of Pi is of a young man with the nickname of Pi.  The film is of the tale he tells a novelist who he has never met.  The novelist was told that Pi has a fantastic story to relate.

The man recounts his travels coming to North America.  As a child, Pi Patel picked-up the name by reciting the infinite number to more than two decimal places. His feat of mathematics shows his gift for the logical.  He… READ THE REST

Movie Review of RED DAWN

The original Red Dawn was one of those films that always seemed to be on television.  The story was of a group of kids who fight the Russian Army after the invasion of America.  The film starred Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson and Charlie Sheen—all actors who were becoming some of the biggest stars of that decade.  Since Hollywood has become bereft of idea of late, they have gone on to re-making flicks and Red Dawn has been dragged into the 21st Century.

Even though this film has been of the shelf for a few years, it still looks mostly fresh.  The reason the film might be getting a giant release is that Chris Helmsworth is now a major star and this looks to cash in on… READ THE REST


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