After yesterday’s defensive driving class in Mesquite, Gary Murray headed to his day job, watching and reviewing movies. Yesterday’s ticket was for AFTER EARTH, the new movie with Will and Jaden Smith that opens this Friday.

Gary’s review of AFTER EARTH will appear on Selig Film News soon, but in the meantime you can enjoy reviews that he’s already published.


Movie Review of

It is shocking that Fast & Furious has made it through six incarnations.  A film series just does not survive that many adventures.  The original 2001 film was a major US box office hit that also did massive business in both overseas markets and on video.  Each installment has had different flourishes but they all kept the same basic formula.

That formula is simple, sexy cars and sexy women.  After the misfire of Tokyo Drift, the series truly found its footing back with Fast 5, easily the best thrill ride of the series.  It stuck to the formula in the most basic terms.  It was a simple series of stunts that was… READ MORE


Movie Review of  THE HANGOVER 3

The Hangover was a massive hit in 2009.   The story of a wild night where everyone has no idea what happened is just the kind of ‘post frat boy’ antics a generation of film fan have either experienced or wanted to experience.  The guys are on a search for the groom.  It was hedonism at a base level.

The 2011 sequel was much of the same, with the boys losing their memories in a foreign land.  One of the consistent elements with this Wolf Pack of crazed overgrown men-boys was the evitable appearance of Chow (Ken Jeong) the lowlife criminal who tends to be part of the catalyst for the adventure.  Well, in the third installment of The Hangover, all are back in the fold.

The story takes place two years after the last event.   The film opens with… READ MORE



Star Trek has been around for a good half a century and still celebrated as one of the most important science fiction franchises in existence.  What started as ‘Wagon Train in Space’ has become a group of television series and films with the assorted different off-shoots.

Arguably, the best of the bunch is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  The story of a genetically modified Kahn and his minions taking on Kirk and the crew was the perfect balance of adventure and pathos.  Even after all these years, the film still holds up.

J.J. Abrams has been handed the mantel of Star Trek from Gene Roddenberry and made one of the best re-boots of a series.  The re-casting of the iconic figures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy gave a new generation of film-goers thrills and spills.

By setting it in an alternative universe, the makers can change events and still… READ MORE



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