Technology changes as break-neck speed, and that included the technology designed to keep drivers safer in their cars. No doubt there are many drivers whose cars contain vehicle safety equipment that they don’t fully understand or use in the most efficient way.

But here comes the website My Car Does What to the rescue.  is a joint creation of the National Safety Council and the Univ of Iowa’s Transportation and Vehicle Safety Research Program. It was launched in July and includes useful information on vehicle safety equipment such as back-up cameras, forward collision warning, rear cross traffic alerts, and automatic emergency braking systems.

If your car has these or other safety equipment – or if you’re in the market for a new car and want to be an informed consumer – you should visit and do some research of your own.

Vehicle safety equipment works best
when used properly.

The website uses videos, graphics, animation, social media and other resources to educate the public on the ever-changing world of car safety features. The campaign provides quick and easy-to-use information for any driver, no matter what kind of car they have or how old it is.

The website is only part of a larger campaign to educate the public. The campaign includes research statistics, videos, graphics, animation, a game, and an app. It is scheduled to launch in the fall. receives its funding from the Toyota Safety Research and Education Program Settlement. The University of Iowa and the National Safety Council independently develop all research and safety campaign information.

The National Safety Council is a leading resource transportation safety education, and the University of Iowa’s Transportation and Vehicle Safety Research Program  are foremost when it comes to transportation research.


At Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we talk about vehicle safety equipment a lot. Discussing both the reasons to use it and the right way to use it is an important part of our classes. Whether you take one of our live defensive driving classes around Texas or our very convenient online defensive driving course, you’re going to hear about vehicle safety equipment.

It’s part of our commitment to making you a safer driver.

And if we manage to get speeding tickets dismissed, clean up your driving record, and lower the cost of your auto insurance, well those things are all good to.

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