UPDATE: The article below was updated in Jan 2017. We no longer have defensive driving classes at Big Mike’s Coffee Shop. Click here for the latest information on our Denton defensive driving classes.

defensive driving class locations New Denton
Defensive Driving class

1306 W Hickory
Denton, Texas 76201

10 AM

1st and 3rd Sunday
Starting August 18, 2013

Starting next month, Comedy Guys will have a new Denton defensive driving class location.

Beginning on Sunday, August 18, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving will be holding classes at Big Mike’s Coffee Shop at 1306 W. Hickory in Denton, Texas. Which, for those of you who know Denton well, puts us next to Voertman’s and right across the street from the Language Building on the University of North Texas campus.

Admittedly, though, a lot of UNT students probably are more familiar with Big Mike’s than with the Language Building, so landmarks may not be necessary.

August 18th is just the first scheduled class. Other Denton defensive driving classes will follow at the same location on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.



A live defensive driving class is still the most fun, most entertaining way to get a ticket dismissed. You get together with other drivers and laugh your way through the class, with breaks for your food and your sanity. It’s so much more fun than working on it alone.

Adding another Denton defensive driving class is good for drivers all over Denton County. Because of the Texas tradition of putting county seats in the center of a county, Denton is about as convenient as you can get for drivers in Sanger and Corinth.

Now Denton drivers — including all those college students at TWU and UNT — have another chance to use Comedy Guys Defensive Driving to dismiss their tickets, clear up their records, and lower their insurance rates. (Have you checked the price of auto insurance for college students lately? WOW!)

But our new Denton class is not just good for Denton drivers. We like it because it adds one more Sunday class to our schedule of driving safety classes. Given how busy many people are, Sundays are often the best days for people to take a live defensive driving class, but classes are hard to find on Sundays.

That’s why we so excited about having one more Sunday class in Denton.



Many people — perhaps university students especially — still prefer to take their defensive driving course online.

Of course, for those who still prefer the convenience of taking a defensive driving course that fits your schedule, Comedy Guys continues to offer its online defensive driving course, with the added bonuses of taking the course on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device AND taking advantage of our no-reading option.


Oh, and Go, Eagles!

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