comedy_guys_defensive_driving_wtfGetting a speeding ticket can cause all kinds of nasty stress and aggravation, but the good people who run the city government in Cambridge, Massachusetts want to counter the negative energy of getting a ticket with the beneficial karma of yoga.

The newly re-designed moving violation tickets in Cambridge now include relaxation instructions and even diagrams of calming yoga positions, so that after getting pulled over, drivers can channel any resulting feelings of anger and frustration out into the universe.

The 40,000 yoga parking tickets is part of a public art project created by artist-in-residence Daniel Peltz. The project also includes new street signs that explain traffic rules in creative ways;  a mural called “10,000 Excuses” featuring explanations offered up by ticketed drivers; and “soft-boots” that immobilize your car but without being so nasty about it.

So far, public reaction seems mixed, ranging from mild amusement to “how much of my tax money did they waste on this?”

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