driving on new years eve, holiday drivingNew Year’s weekend is a bad time for a lot of drivers.

There are more cars on the road than usual, and more drivers who are rushing to get somewhere by a certain time. And, sadly, more drivers on the road who’ve had too much to drink and aren’t as “good to go” as they think they are.

All across Texas this weekend, police officers and highway patrol officers will be out in force, protecting us all from stupidity and carelessness. Both our own and those of other drivers.

And for those of you who get pulled over who are tempted to get angry or frustrated, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has two words of advice: grow up.

The men and women sitting by the side of the road in those patrol cars this weekend probably don’t want to be there. It’s a holiday weekend for them, too, and like the rest of us they’d rather be with their friends and family, having a good time and celebrating the beginning of another new year.

But instead, they’re at work, giving up yet another holiday to make the roads safer for the rest of us. Letting their families celebrate without them one more time so they can do their job. So instead of giving them some rude attitude, remember that they’re sacrificing their holiday for the benefit of you and everyone else on the road.

You might even want to say “thank you” for their service.

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