Not everyone has the same sense of humor. Sometimes we get comments like this one about our online defensive driving course:

I learned a lot, but it wasn’t funny.
The jokes were boring. I didn’t laugh once.


Here’s our standard response:


We’re glad you learned a lot from our online defensive driving course, but we’re sorry that our jokes didn’t make you laugh. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, and it’s usually impossible to come up with something that makes everyone laugh.

 Here are three things that we ask you to keep in mind.


Live defensive driving class vs
online defensive driving course

First, online we have no way to gauge our audience from moment to moment.

defensive driving courseThe comedians who teach our live defensive driving classes have the advantage of being in the same room as the students. They can get a sense of what jokes will work and what would be going too far, and there’s something engaging about interaction with a live person that an online defensive driving course just can’t match.

Online, we have to aim at the broadest possible audience, and that means playing it safe a lot of the time. What’s safe and funny for some will just be boring or mildly amusing to others.


Being funny without being offensive

Secondly, a lot of comedy – especially the stand-up comedy that you can see in a comedy club – is founded on being offensive and controversial. The audience has shown up knowing what to expect. This gives the comedians license to take chances, experiment with risky (and risqué) material, and push the proverbial envelope. They trust that overall the laughs will outnumber the boos.

And the death threats.

But Comedy Guys is not a comedy club. We are essentially a driving school that uses comedy to eliminate the boredom. By indulging in the kind of jokes that will make some of our customers laugh, we risk seriously offending the rest of them.


What’ll you have?

And, finally, in a comedy club, the audience is at least partially drunk, which makes a lot of things seem funnier. Many, many stand-up comics are only funny when the audience has been drinking.

Not to mention any names, of course.


In short, if the jokes in our online defensive driving course didn’t make you laugh, that’s disappointing. If you need a driving safety class in the future, maybe try one of our live classes, where the instructors have more freedom to vary the jokes to the crowd.

But if you finish our course having learned a lot, having become a safer driver, and getting your ticket dismissed – all without being bored senseless the whole time – then we feel like we’ve done our job.


Of course, it’s a relief to us that for every comment we get saying someone didn’t laugh, we get another comment from someone saying we made them laugh a lot.

That’s a 1:1 laugh-to-meh ratio.

Most stand-ups comics would kill for that kind of success rate.

At least one comedian has, in fact, killed to get more laughs. But we’re not allowed to talk about that until the trial is over.

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  1. Gene McGuire on 10/31/2016 at 10:08 am

    I have a few students who show up to my class and expect a stand up comedy show or set. I have heard em ask after a few hours of giggles from the class…”when does the comedy start?”. Perhaps we should ca it defensive driving with humor. If the students will relax, and go with the flow of the instructor, there will be laughs. If students are expecting Larry the Cable guy laughs, get a DVD or go to a comedy club. A classroom isn’t an appropriate venue for this kind of comedy.

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