I know this is too wordy to be practical,
but it would be nice to have road signs for
those drivers who don’t know what they’re doing.


comedy guys defensive driving, with road signs that we'd like to see

Choosing the Correct Lane

This picture tries to make something annoying into something funny, but choosing the right lane to drive in seems to be a real problem for some drivers.

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There are those drivers who move into the left-hand passing lane and just stay there, not passing but not letting anyone else pass either. A lot of people complain about them.

But I find that the people who clog the right lane are even more annoying. On a multi-lane freeway like Central Expressway that runs through Dallas, the right lane should be for drivers who want to exit or want to merge, having just come off of an on-ramp. But their driving is made more difficult by the many drivers that stay in the right-hand access lane, even though they’re not exiting or merging.

Drivers blocking the passing lane are a problem for other drivers who want to pass. But drivers blocking the access lane are a problem for every other driver at least twice, when they enter the freeway and when they exit the freeway.

In our Comedy Guys Defensive Driving classes, choosing the right lane is one of the driving tips that we discuss.

Most people take our state-approved course to get a speeding ticket dismissed, but we want them to leave us knowing more about being a better, safer, more considerate driver.

And that includes choosing the right lane to drive in.

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