Although he didn’t rack-up the numbers of a Hitler or a Stalin during his despotic reign of terror, Osama Bin Laden did kill thousands on his Highway to Hell.  This coward got others to do his bidding while he watched porn in his heavily fortified bunker. Our Navy SEALs showed him that good old-fashioned know-how and determined tenacity can put a bullet in anybody’s head.

Here are a few little known facts about laden Laden:

  • His favorite Spice Girl was Ginger Spice, and he thought the rest should be put in burkas.
  • Osama wanted Tom Cruise to play him in Zero Dark 30.
  • He was the third member of the Justin Bieber Fan Club and did not believe that Marcia was president of the Davy Jones Fan Club.
  • Osama was the first Muslim to do the Harlem Shake.
  • His favorite magic trick was to pull a rabbit out of his beard.

We hope that he is enjoying his 74 virgins while swimming in the brimstone boiling waters of Hades.

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