title Parking Lot Safety over photo of shadowy man standing in an empty parking lot
We live in dangerous times. Because of this, we must be on guard all the time.

Wherever we go — whether it’s to the movies, or a concert, even when we take a quick trip to the grocery store — we must stay alert to possible danger.

We all need to take
an active role
in our own safety.

This is unfortunate, but it is true.

What’s even more unfortunate is that some people choose to ignore the truth. By doing so, they increase the chance of becoming a victim.

We all need to take an active role in our own safety. We must be more careful and less careless.


Part of being a defensive driver is also being defensive even when we are walking to and from our vehicle. Parking lots are key locations for the bad guys of this world to take advantage of distracted people as they move to or from their parked cars.

People who are fumbling for their car keys or mentally reviewing their shopping list are less likely to be on the lookout for someone jumping out at them from between parked cars.

But you can improve your own parking lot safety with a few simple precautions.

Remember: Defense wins Championships!


  • When you first arrive at your destination, whether it’s a grocery store or the mall, park as close to the entrance as possible.
  • When you choose a parking space, take a careful look around. Check the cars around you. Car jackers and thieves often hide between cars waiting for someone to exit the vehicles.
  • Also, if possible, park in a well lighted area. More light means less places for bad guys to hide.
  • Beware of parking next to any vehicle that has sliding doors.

One important step to take: Remember where you parked your car. Criminals are more likely to go after someone who seems to be wandering around and confused rather than someone who is moving with certainty.


  • Be prepared. Have everything you need ready to go. Purses, shoulder bags, phones, keys, whatever.
  • Once you are have stopped in a parking space, spend as little time in the vehicle as possible.
  • Once you get out, move quickly to the center of the parking lot lane for your walk into the building, keeping an eye on the moving cars, of course.
  • While walking across a parking lot, keep as far away from parked cars as you can


  • Don’t talk on your phone or listen to music until you are inside the building.

    Someone who is carelessly having a cell phone conversation or has headphones on is really waving a red flag in front of a bull.

By the way, if there actually is a rampaging bull in the parking lot, climb on top of the tallest vehicle you can find, and then call Animal Control.

They’ll probably be very happy to hear from you. Many of them get time-and-a-half for tangling with anything larger than an ostrich.


  • Always remember you carry things with you that can be used as weapons. Keys or a heavy purse or some mace stored in that purse are certain to spoil the day of any would-be car thief.
  • Finally, trust your instincts. If you notice someone who seems suspicious, tell the police or the security guard or store management.
  • If you are alone, ask if one of the employees could walk you to your car.



Comedy Guys Defensive Driving School is one of the largest driving safety schools in Texas. In our live defensive driving classes and in our online driving safety course, making drivers safer is always our first concern.

And that’s why we take issues like parking lot safety so seriously.

After all, it doesn’t do any good to drive safely to your destination if you can’t then safely make it into the building.

So please take our parking lot safety tips seriously. Make good choices and guard your own safety.