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“Gas prices are starting to affect my social life.
Now I only date women who live in a five-mile radius.”
— Paul Rodriguez
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Something about this joke from Paul Rodriguez reminds me of junior high, back when everyone in my grade was constantly getting together and breaking up on a seemingly hourly basis.

If you’ve got kids, you know how this is.

You can overhear your daughter telling her friends about her boyfriend on the way to school, but if you ask about him on the way home that same day, she’ll tell you “Oh, I don’t like him anymore.”

But it’s not the speed of middle school relationships that this joke makes me think of.

It’s the limited selection. Junior high kids usually don’t drive, so their dating pool is limited to the kids in their own school. Which can be a very dangerous thing, if you grow up  in a small East Texas town like I did.

All the potential girlfriends were as likely to be my cousins as not.

Which could explain a lot about some of the people in my school, now that I think about it.

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