Paula Deen is an American cook and cooking show host as well as a restaurant owner of The Lady & Sons.  Her menu includes such down home goodness as sweet potatoes, mac & cheese and deep fried Twinkies.

You know… food that will kill you.

She won a Daytime Emmy for her cooking show on the Food Network.  Some have complained that her high fat, salt and sugar recipes are not good for obese Americans.

Paula is supported by the liposuction industry.  We believe that it is part of a grand plan to shorten lives and save the government money in Social Security costs.  If everyone dies at 64, then the government can just keep all that sweet, sweet fatty money.

Her recipes are so good that she contracted Type 2 Diabetes from her own food.  Since that diagnosis, she has been on a health kick and has lost 30 lbs which means there is just that much less of her to love.


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