defensive driving plano txFor those of you not old enough to remember actual letters, that was where people used to communicate by picking up a pen or pencil and writing actual words onto a piece of paper, which they then put into a stamped envelope and mailed to the recipient.

Absolutely no electronics involved.

Yesterday, we got just such a thing from one of Defensive Driving instructor Terry Yates‘s very happy customers. Terry, who teaches defensive driving classes in Plano and Dallas, has been with Comedy Guys Defensive Driving for a long time, and his fun, relaxed classes have earned him quite a following among those drivers who don’t like to slow down.

Yesterday’s letter from Jeff H. of Plano TX is just one more example.

Here’s some of what Jeff had to say: “I was very impressed with Terry Yates and his presentation. Terry was creative and innovative with his approach to conveying the importance of the course. He held our attention from start to finish with the use of wit, charm, and humor. He kept us interactive with discussions, not to mention in stitches as well. I’m very glad to have had Terry as a defensive driving instructor and thoroughly enjoyed our one-on-one conversations during the breaks.”

Thanks, Jeff, for paying such great compliments to one of our Comedy Guys.

And Terry really liked your suggestion about him getting a tip jar.

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