defensive driving plano txNow that we’ve been hearing from the three people who won an Apple iPad 2 in our Get Mobile! Giveaway, we’ve also been asking them about their experiences with Comedy Guys Defensive Driving. Taking our class, either in person or online, wasn’t a requirement of the contest, but it turns out that all three winners have taken our class.

And one of these, Shaley L. of Coppell, just raved about Comedy Guys Defensive Driving instructor Becky Jane Romine and her twice-a-week classes in Arlington, Texas.

“I have and will continue to highly recommend using the Comedy Guys for a defensive driving course in Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday class in Arlington with Becky Jane Romine. Becky was hilarious and endlessly fascination. Before the class, I was a little weary of a six-hour seminar — I didn’t have lectures that long even in college — but the time flew by and I didn’t feel like I was in classroom at all. In fact, my ‘classroom’ was actually a local restaurant where I receive a free, tasy meal.

“It was obvious from the get-go that Becky is a professional comedian because she kep my interest the entire time. She also kept me laughing. Becky had fantastic stories and was a complete hoot. Becky not only managed to be highly entertaining, but she also shared some real, thought-provoking points during the course. You could tell that she actually cared for her students well-being. I stayed after the class to personally thank Becky for her performance. And the laughs kept coming because everyone in the class was issued free comedy club passes.

“Getting a ticket is a real drag, but the Comedy Guys course actually made the process really fun.”

Becky’s defensive driving classes in Arlington are held at Humperdink’s Restaurant on Six Flag Drive on Friday and Saturday mornings.