defensive driving classes tyler txSpelling mistakes can be accidentally funny.

At the end of every one of the Comedy Guys defensive driving classes, our instructors solicit comments from our customers. These are intended to help us when it comes to improving our classes and annually retraining our driving safety instructors.

And Gary Murray, the defensive driving fixture who’s been teaching our defensive driving classes in Mesquite since the company was founded, always used this bit of routine paperwork as a chance to make one more joke: He tells everyone in his classes to write in the Comments section of the form that “Gary needs a raise, and Susana needs a bigger raise.”

Susana, for those who don’t know, is the woman in the office who actually processes and prints our defensive driving certificates. Every office seems to have that one woman that does 80% of the work, and Susana is ours.

But this is where the spelling mistake comes in.

After a recent class, one of Gary’s students wrote that “Gary needs a race.”

We assume that this was an honest spelling mistake — probably made by one of the many who got hooked on phonics and suffered the consequences — because no one who’s actually met Gary could every doubt his race. Gary is without a doubt one of the most Caucasian people you’ve ever seen.

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