hamster race car, comedy guys defensive driving onlinePeople who love their pets will buy all kinds of toys for them.

And if you love watching your furry little hamster roll across the floor in his ball, then get that credit card ready.

Firebox.com has the Critter Cruiser, a hamster racer set available in four colors. The central cage is an enclosed exercise wheel, but instead of running and getting no where, its spinning move your hamster’s sports car around the house. Exercise for him, entertainment for you.

For a more complete description and an almost unbearably cute picture of a hamster racing past some little hamster fans and pit crew, visit GeekAlerts.com.

Just for the record, Comedy Guys will not be offering defensive driving for rodents. I’ve seen some people show up for class looking a bit ratty, but that’s not at all the same thing.

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