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One of my all time favorite tickets was from a young lady in my class who worked for a funeral home.

One day, she was transporting a body in a casket either to or from the funeral home, and hopped into the HOV lane under the assumption that there were two people riding in the car.

The police officer that pulled her over didn’t quite see it that way, and neither did the judge. She tried to fight the ticket, explaining that there were two of them in the car. The judge explained to her that a corpse didn’t count as a person, that’s why autopsy reports are public record, and they refer to the deceased’s ‘remains’.

When I retell this story in the classroom, many of my students tend to take her side.

During one class where I was telling this story, a young lady there that day — not the brightest bulb in the chandelier — asked “Was it like a hearse of something?”

No, we tried to explain, she found it on the side of the road.

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