article title: Red Light Photo Enforcement Banned in Texas image: red traffic light text: Texas bans Red Light Photo Enforcement
Red Light Photo Enforcement ticket companies have enjoyed years of selling their services to cities and municipalities across the USA and they are EVERYWHERE!  Just Take a peek at this map of Red Light camera locations in the USA.

Money! Money! Money would come rolling in for the cities and municipalities using them… or so the camera companies suggested.

Be warned though:

Cities contract with various companies to provide red light cameras, and these contracts do not all expire at the same time.

If any city is still under contract with a red light camera company, that city can still issue tickets until the contract expires.

These cameras earned a reputation as “automated ticket machines” partly because no human witnessed the violation, then the companies began incorporating an officer’s review of the video footage to “certify that a violation occurred.”

In 2015 Longview, Texas ended their Red Light Photo  Enforcement contract with their service provider citing a number of reason including the poor financial performance and length of time required to recover the cost of the system. Little did we know that Longview Texas’s actions would lead a statewide revolution.

As the Photo Enforced map illustrates, many cities and municipalities use Red Light Photo Enforcement systems, but pretty soon there will not be a single dot on the state of Texas map!

Thanks to Texas legislators approving Texas House Bill 1631 and Governor Abbot signing it into law on June 1, 2019, Red Light Photo Enforcement is now banned in Texas!

Party!, Party!, Party!

If you have one of those Red Light Photo tickets pending in Texas – fuhgeddaboudit!

KXAN has published this list of Texas cities ending their Red Light Photo Enforcement activities.

Here’s what the city of Austin Texas posted on their website.

Texas House Bill 1631, prohibiting the use of red-light cameras for traffic enforcement in Texas, was signed into law by Governor Abbott on June 1, 2019. Based upon the passage of this law, Austin Municipal Court will immediately cease the filing of any cases associated with photographic traffic signal enforcement effective June 1, 2019. 

Additionally, all unresolved camera at red-light cases will be administratively terminated. In compliance with HB 1631 all collections efforts and administrative actions will be halted as well. No further action by those who were issued theses citations is necessary.

Looks like you can throw away that Red light photo enforcement ticket!

HOWEVER, don’t get overly excited and throw away any other traffic citations because those are still enforceable.

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