When I was a dj in my 20s, I worked at a disco called Scotland Yard in Dallas.

One night when I came to work the parking lot was full of trucks and electrical cables. I was told by the club manager that I didn’t have to work my regular shift ’til later because some production company was filming a disco scene for a new TV show called DALLAS. The main characters were there for the filming. I remember it took over 27 takes to get Charlene Tilton to produce tears in a crying scene. Jeez!

All the actors were super nice. After the filming, they had a party for the crew and cast. Chris Fair and I took turns spinning records. While I was at the turntables, Larry Hagman came back to the booth and was shooting pictures. He was so nice. He ask if I could show him how to dj and take pics of him dj-ing. Mr. Hagman was so excited! He was the dj! He treated me with complete respect and acted as if we were old friends. Just a regular guy.

Thanks for that memory, Mr Hagman. Rest in Peace, sir.

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  1. Gary Braughton on 02/06/2017 at 4:16 pm

    Gene, just ran across this, still remember those days vividly, I haven’t talked to anyone in years hopefully you are well

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