Your first car. The one that gave you your first taste of the freedom of the open road, tooling down the road, going where you wanted and listening to what you wanted on the radio for a change.

Most drivers have memories — fond or otherwise — of their first cars. Maybe it was the one you learned to drive in. Maybe it was one you inherited from a parent or an older sibling. Maybe it was one you got as a birthday present or one your worked long hours to pay for.

This month, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving’s Topically Applied is asking people to tell us about their first cars. The good, the bad, and the broken-down by the side of the road in the rain. What was your first car? How did it feel driving it? Where did you go, what did you do, and who was on the seat beside you?

Below you can read what the Comedy Guys told us about their first cars and add stories and comments of your own.


My First Car, A true tale by Gary Murray
The first car I owned was not the first car I drove. The first car I owned was a 1967 turquoise Carmen Gaia. I was twelve and bought it with my paper route money for $150. I drove it up and down the driveway, having grand designs of making it into a dune buggy. Eventually I traded it for a Kawasaki dirt-bike, something ready for the Galveston sand.

The first car I ever drove on a regular basis was a 1973 AMC Gremlin. I bought it from my Uncle Kenny for $400. He had bought it from someone and it was wrecked with a smashed in passenger’s side door. He had it fixed and drove it for about a year. Someone had hit him and destroyed the passengers’ side door again. Instead of repairing the car again, he sold it to me ‘As Is’.

My older brother was in auto body classes at Robert E. Lee High School in Baytown, a refinery town next to the coast near Houston. We put on another door and painted it again. The color was a caramel brown which my friends called sh*t brown. My time behind the wheel of this little brown beast lasted for about a year.

About a month into driving (the week before Christmas), I was in line at the Jack in the Box when a Chevy truck backed into the passengers’ side, crushing the door and blowing out the safety glass. From that day until the day it was gone, I found shards in the carpets.

Since the car only cost $400, their insurance company totaled the Gremlin, giving me $400. I bought it back from them for $50. I went back to the junkyard and bought another door. We fixed it and on my way again. READ THE REST OF GARY’S STORY HERE.

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