You’ve finished your Saturday morning repairs.

The tools are wiped and put away, and you’re about to throw away the useless parts when you look at them and see a kind of beauty in their design. Underneath the oil and grime, there are graceful curves and intricate cuts in the metal, and just for a minute you think they’re too interesting to just throw away or recycle.

Well, Australian James Corbett must have the same idea a few times when he was himself an auto recycler in Brisbane. In 1999 he turned the idea into more than a fleeting whim: he created his first auto parts sculpture, an off road race buggy.

Since then, he’s gone on create many incredibly life-like sculptures using discarded car parts. As his Website explains it, “nothing is bent into shape; the original integrity of each car part is maintained.”

We have one sample of his sculpture, but you can see a gallery of his favorites here.

(story via The Presurfer)


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