Shecky Greene is a comic’s comic, the kind of performer who gives it his all night after night.  For more than 30 years, he has been entertaining at some of the finest hotels around the world.  His freewheeling style makes each show a different experience.

Shecky Greene birthday comedy guys defensive driving classesLike many other comedians, he started his career in the service of our country.  This gave him the discipline to make fun  of authority.  For six years he honed his craft at the Prevue Lounge in New Orleans until it burned down.

The lounge, not the city.

He then moved on to Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas where his act held over for 18 weeks, a record for the Strip at that time.

In 1975 he was making 150,000 a week with $125,000 going to his bookie.  Shecky was such a gambler that Arlington Park stills runs the Shecky Green Handicap.

He has been seen in the films Splash and History of the World Part I and appeared 40 times on The Tonight Show.  Once on The Tonight Show, he explained to the audience about Johnny Carson, “Johnny was a good boy, never smoked, never drank, never dated.  On his graduation day from college, his parents asked what he wanted.  Johnny answered ‘a drunken broad that smokes.'”  He also guest hosted the show and introduced the world to body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well, nobody’s perfect.


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