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Speeding tickets are not fun.

A speeding ticket is not supposed to be. They cause you hassle and embarrassment, cost you money, interfere with your already too-busy schedule, and make your auto insurance rates go up.

If getting a speeding ticket feels like a punishment, that’s because that’s exactly what it is.

But Texas provides a way for drivers to get speeding tickets dismissed that lessens the punishment a bit.

By taking a state-approved driving safety course – the courts call it that; the rest of the world calls it “defensive driving” – you can get most speeding tickets dismissed.

You’ll still have to pay some money in court costs, but this is usually less than paying the full amount of the ticket would be.

But getting the ticket dismissed will keep it off of your driving record, protecting you from paying a big annual surcharge if you’re the kind of driver that gets multiple tickets.

And because the ticket is not on your record, it shouldn’t affect your auto insurance costs. In fact, you’ll probably qualify for an insurance discount for having taken defensive driving, though that’s up to your insurance company.


So how exactly do you
get a speeding ticket dismissed in Texas?

Here goes…

First, it starts with the court.

defensive driving classes driving safety courseA ticket is written on the authority of a court somewhere, either a city court if it’s written by a policeman or a county justice of the peace if it’s written by a sheriff, a constable, or a state trooper. And you’ll need that court’s permission to have a ticket dismissed.

Just call them up and ask if you can get your speeding ticket dismissed.

It’s normally just a formality, but you need to do this. If you take defensive driving without the court’s permission, the court can refuse to accept your defensive driving certificate. Then you’d have to take the course over again or pay the full amount of the ticket.

You’ll have ninety days to finish the course and deliver your certificate to the court, but don’t wait until the last minute. Certificates have to be mailed to you, and if anything goes wrong with that, it can push you past your deadline. Try to get the course finished at least a month before your deadline to be safe.

Once you have the court’s okay, visit or give us a call to register for a class.

We have live defensive driving classes in Houston, Tyler, Denton, and all over DFW. Or, if you’re too busy for a live class or you live somewhere else in Texas, our online driving safety course is very flexible. You can log in and out whenever you want and make the course fit your schedule.

You know… that already too-busy schedule we mentioned earlier?

defensive driving class driving safety courseWhen you finish the course, our office in Dallas will mail a certificate to you to prove that you completed the course.

Then you sign the certificate and deliver it to the court.


Do You Need a Driving Record?

Some courts will require you to turn in a copy of your Texas driving record, too. You can get that online at It will cost you twelve dollars, but you can print it out immediately. There are companies that offer to get your driving record for you for a fee, but they’re just doing what you can do for yourself and charging you a lot extra money in the process.


After you deliver the documents to the court,
that speeding ticket shouldn’t bother you anymore.

At Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we work to make getting your ticket dismissed as fun and painless as it could be. Either online on in one of our 20+ class locations, we’ll help you to satisfy the court requirements and make that ticket go away.