comedian gene mcguire comedy guys defensive driving classes arlington txHere’s another clip from Gene McGuire, one of our comedian defensive driving instructors, filmed at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis in 1996.

The mid-90s were a great time for comedy clubs.

For a while there, it seemed like a new one opened every week, filling our cities with dimly lighted rooms that smelled like ashtrays where unhappy couples could spend a couple of hours laughing at the comedians’ jokes and then more time afterward recalling the jokes to each other, in a desperate attempt to avoid talking about how they didn’t love each other anymore and delaying the next inevitable fight about nothing as they both pretended it wasn’t over between them and they’re both one step closer to spending the rest of their lives alone and miserable.

Oh, sorry… I got a bit autobiographical there for minute.

The clip has that wonderful orangey color of old video tape, but the jokes are still funny, though some of you may have to run to Wikipedia to find out who the Menendez Brothers are.

The language is pretty clean, too. He does use one “bad word” when talking about telemarketers, but most everyone who owns a phone has done that at least once. is a Texas-based defensive driving school. We use comedy to make both our state-approved classes and online course fun and entertaining. Remember Comedy Guys when you need a Texas speeding ticket dismissed.

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