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A Warm Farewell for Ann B Davis

ann b davis

This is certainly not our usual “fun and games’ kind of post, but we couldn’t let the passing of someone who made us laugh go by without saying something. Last Sunday saw the passing of TV icon and Texan-by-choice Ann B Davis. Many of us grew up with Davis as she played Alice Nelson, the…

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5/18 – Happy Birthday, Tina Fey

Tina Fey “I am constantly amazed by Tina Fey,  and I am Tina Fey,” said Tina Fey,  the first female head writer for SNL. She started her career working at The Second City in Chicago.  In 1995, she made the move to Studio 8H as a writer and then the anchor of Weekend Update with…

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1/17 – Happy Birthday, Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey At one time, Jim Carrey was the hottest star on the planet. Between Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber, he ruled the comedy world.  He tried to become a serious actor with both the Majestic and The Number 23, one of the worst thrillers made that year. Wait…. “Jim Carrey” is…

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