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The Things We Hear in a Defensive Driving Class…

tales from defensive driving comedy guys driving safety classes

I’ve been teaching defensive driving classes for quite a while throughout Texas. Over the years, I have learned a simple fact:  Students will tell you the best defensive driving stories if given the chance.  Being able to listen to everyone else’s story is just another reason to take a defensive driving class in a classroom location. ___________________________ Here…

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2-Year-Old Sings The Beatles

two year old sings the beatles

2-year-old Diogo Mello — and his father, let’s be fair — sings The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down.” If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re not human.

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Marijuana and Driving

A recent driving test in Seattle gave volunteers marijuana to smoke and had them drive a practice course, to measure the affect of marijuana on their driving. You can see the results in this video. Please don’t contact us, volunteering to be part of the test.

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Happy Birthday to a Comic’s Comic

Dave Attell is a comic’s comic, a road warrior who lives to be in seedy little clubs, reeling off jokes for the masses. He had his own show on Comedy Central called Insomniac and has appeared in the films Funny People, Scary Movie 4, and Pootie Tang. He is known for saying,  “You know, men…

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Her name was Charo!

  Charo, the ‘Cuchi-cuchi’ girl from Laugh-in started her career in Xavier Cugat‘s band when she was just 15.  For business reasons, she married the band leader who was 40 years her senior.  Lucky for Cugat! Two years in a row, Guitar Player Magazine voted her the best Flamenco guitar player.  Though she plays dumb,…

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