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Backyard Roller Coaster

backyard roller coaster comedy guys defensive driving classes denton tx

A backyard roller coaster fit for a kid. Built by a very cool dad, and powered by a combination of gravity and dad with a stick. Never underestimate the power of a dad with a stick! After watching this, I asked around the Comedy Guys office. And it seems that none of us had a…

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Crossing the Street

crossing the street safely, comedy guys defensive driving blog

Some people just won’t learn. Last night, I turned left from Walnut Street onto Audelia in Richardson, Texas, and I was confronted with tail lights. Lined up three cars deep in all three lanes. Something had stopped traffic all across Audelia, but in the dark I couldn’t see what it was. But cars were stopped…

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Smells Like Birthday

  As one of the “Beautiful People” Marilyn Manson has been shocking the parents of teenagers for years. Born as Brian Hugh Warner, this rocker has gone from Christian School kid to “Antichrist Superstar.” ┬áHe shook the hard rock turntables with his hit “The Dope Show.” With his success in music, Marilyn has branched out…

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Happy Halloween 2012

To wish you a Happy Halloween, here’s a video collection of Halloween costumes. Which one is your favorite? And please remember to drive carefully tonight. Kids dressed as Superman aren’t invulnerable, and just because that looks like a zombie doesn’t mean it’s already dead.

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